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Mezzanine Racking


Mezzanine racking is a system supported by multi-layer pallet racking or longspan shelving. Normally there are racking, shelving, grating floor, staircase, guard fence, and safety gate in a mezzanine racking system. Unlike conventional steel platform, mezzanine racking can be easily moved, expanded or modified for future requirements. It allows you to utilize the maximum height of a warehouse by doubling or tripling the surface area.

Adding a mezzanine on your current racking or shelving is an economical way of enlarging the storage capacity.


Benefits of Mezzanine Racking

- Make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse

- Integrating storing, picking, conveying, and any other function required inside the racking system

- Office, work bench, … Working area could be integrated inside the system.

mezzanine racking structure.jpg

A multi-tier racking supported mezzanine includes pallet racking, steel shelf, mezzanine floor, staircase, guard fence, and safety gate. There are two options of floor, powder coated steel floor and zinc plated grating floor.

Powder Coated Steel Floor

steel floor 1.jpg steel floor 2.jpg

Zinc Plated Grating Floor

grating floor 1.jpg grating floor 2.jpg