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We started with a firm purpose in the year 2009.

Andy Bu, founder & general manager, established INTO Storage System in 2009, with a firm purpose of supplying top quality warehouse racking system to worldwide customers. During that period, with the rapid growth of global economy, the industrial logistics developed rapidly too, which generated a large demand of warehouse racking and other equipment. Many companies over the world were looking for good suppliers, especially suppliers from China. As the world factory, China did played an important role. Exactly in that case, INTO Storage System quickly stood firm in the market, relying on its good quality, competitive price, and excellent service.

Since then, the company had evolved from a wholesaler into a more sophisticated provider of warehouse racking systems - from design, fabrication, and installation - across a wide range of warehouse racking options. The business range covered wholesale, design, consulting, fabrication, and installation. Customers varied from importers, traders, to end-users. In 2015, INTO Storage built its own plant. That was a milestone event for us. We basically had a greater advantage in price.

In recent years, to keep up with the latest advances in logistics technology and to meet tighter customer requirements, we invested in the development of automated warehouse storage systems to bring more value to our service. Our service includes the design, integration, production, and implementation of any automated project all over the world.

We sincerely hope every visitor reading this page could believe us that we are able to supply excellent warehousing equipment to you at a reasonable cost. Whether you are a trader or end-user, INTO Storage team will bring you the value that you want. Getting started is more meaningful than hesitating. Just drop us an email or a call. You will be satisfied with all.

Our passion is in continuously creating value for our customers.
Our vision is to become lifelong partners with our customers.



Our Mission

Give the most value of the storage system


Our Vision

Become the PREFERRED brand for small and medium enterprises


Our Value

Professional, Reliable, and Cost-effective

  • 2009


    Established this year, we specialized in exporting different kinds of racking and shelving products, including furniture. We received our first order in October and sold USD28000 worth of pallet racking by the end of that year.

  • 2011

    Expanded Markets

    Our market soon expanded to South America, Australia, and Europe.

    We added supermarket shelving to our product range.

    A milestone was achieved this year when we successfully shipped a 9-meter high drive-in racking project for freezer storage in Chile.

  • 2014

    Established Domestic Market

    Sales volume continued to increase with the growth in the overseas market.

    In the same year, we established our domestic presence in the booming Chinese market and created a Sales Department to cater to local clients.

  • 2016

    Expanded Distribution Network

    Our overseas distribution network grew larger. New partners from Italy, Canada and the Middle East joined us. In April, we joined our first trade fair during the annual Canton Fair - the biggest import and export fair in China.

  • 2017

    Automated Storage Solutions

    We established a new department for automated storage solutions, led by the GM and composed of the most experienced sales guys and engineers in the company. To provide professional support, we partnered with a leading software company in the industry to develop Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) software solutions.

  • 2019

    Redefined Mission

    We redefined the company’s mission, vision, and value.

    Mission: Give the most value of the storage system.

    Vision: Become the PREFERRED brand for small and medium enterprises.

    Value: Professional, Reliable, and Cost-effective

Our Equipments

Production of industrial racking generally involves punching, rolling, welding, bending, polishing, acid washing, phosphating, and powder coating. We perform all these processes in our workshop, in order to ensure we can control the quality and production cost of each part.

Rolling Machine

Punching Machine

Bending Machine

Welding Machine

CNC Machine

Powder Coating Line

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