Everything You Need to Know about RUT Shelving

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Rolled Upright Type (RUT) shelving is a steel shelving unit made with solid back and side panels that with a rolled front edge, inner shelves, and other accessories.  The solid steel shell is built by bolting the back and side frames together. This provides a strong and durable structure. It also protects goods from falling off and secures small items, files and specialty parts. The side frames are made with a rolled front edge for a smooth finish. There are no sharp edges that can damage goods or hurt workers. With one-piece solid steel panels and rolled front edges, RUT shelving complements the modern aesthetic look inside offices and commercial buildings.

Also known as Rolled Edge Shelving, panels and shelves are roll-formed from premium, pre-painted steel giving it its characteristic strength and durability. It is designed for light to medium storage, from warehouses to offices, hospitals to libraries, museums to retail outlets and general storerooms. With a wide pick-face, RUT rolled-edge shelving is primarily used for personnel-accessed picking system.

RUT shelving is a quick-install shelving system. The panels and shelves are pre-punched with holes for quick installation and adjustment. The top and bottom shelves are fixed with bolts and nuts. The inner shelves are clipped on pierced holes, adjustable at 1-inch intervals.

Rolled upright type RUT shelving is highly flexible. It is available in a wide range of depths, widths and heights. It is built as individual bays or constructed in a multiple bay run. RUT shelving capacity ranges between 100kgs/shelf for light application to 200kgs/shelf for heavier industrial shelving. More shelves may be added as needed. RUT Shelving can be easily extended, modified or moved depending on storage needs.

RUT shelving is designed to integrate with small parts trays for an effective storage. A range of accessories that help maximize storage space is available, including bin fronts, tabbed dividers, full-length dividers, file racks, wire hangers, small parts bin, metal containers, and so on.

When to use RUT Shelving

Rolled upright type RUT shelving units are covered on three sides with solid steel panels to provide stability, protection and to ensure cleanliness of stored items. Its design integrates well with most business and commercial environments.

Some occasions of uses of RUT shelving:

  • Filing a variety of records in a safe, organized, easily accessible system. Special tabbed dividers insert into the shelf and can be adjusted at desired distances.
  • Artwork shelving maintenance in clear vertical openings accessorized with dividers that adjust easily along the shelf. Lockable doors can be added to secure artwork.
  • X-Ray Shelving. An efficient, practical storage unit with a broad application throughout the healthcare industry for the protective storage of X-ray films in envelopes. Metal dividers create vertical windows, attach to the shelf and adjust easily.
  • Plans and drawings shelving, either rolled or flat. Openings can be configured into smaller windows for rolled storage and into wider, lower openings for flat storage. The steel shelving bay can be accessorized with lockable doors to secure items.
  • Office files and paperwork. Accessorized with adjustable partial dividers to sort and organize files. Enhances modern office designs. Metal cover panels ensure a clean and neat look.
  • Binning loose, irregular items in storerooms. Bin fronts or stackable plastic bins may be used to sort and secure small parts.
  • Industrial parts storage. Same as with warehouse stocks, front bins can be installed. It can be further accessorized with metal cover panels to secure items.
  • Library shelving for freestanding storage and display facilities
  • Retail store shelving for books, magazines, and brochures.
  • Media storage. Rolled films and disc recordings are best kept in closed steel shelving for cleanliness. Adjustable dividers and bin fronts secure items and help separate and organize media. Metal cover panels may be added for security.

Where to use RUT Shelving

The flexibility of RUT Steel Shelving makes it a smart choice for commercial and industrial storage, office archives, libraries and distribution centers.

It comes with an extensive range of filing accessories. The main purpose of RUT shelving accessories is to maximize space available. Accessories allow reconfiguration of compartment openings and turn the system into an efficient storage unit.

Rolled-edge RUT shelving is popularly used in the following areas:

  • Archiving
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Garage and workshops
  • Factory Storerooms
  • Factory stockrooms
  • Retail outlets
  • Distribution centers
  • Industrial warehouses

Eight Reasons for Choosing RUT Shelving 

  • Adjustable. Layers can be removed, added or adjusted to maximize storage space.
  • Expandable. Existing bays can be readily joined with another module for expanded storage.
  • Strong and Durable. Materials are made of solid, bolted steel construction finished with a premium powder coating finish for increased resistance to scratches and wear & tear.
  • Quick-install.  Starter bays and add-on bays can be easily assembled with bolts & nuts, and metal clips. Time efficient and cost-efficient.
  • Safe. There are no rough or unfinished edges that may damage products. Shelves are close-fitting to prevent loss or damage to goods
  • Adjust storage space at will. Simple clip shelf support system allows quick adjustment of shelves to desired height, saving time and effort.
  • Multiple configuration choices. You may choose between light or medium storage, or between a single-side or double-side design. Shelves may be custom-built according to your required height, depth and width – and even your desired color.
  • Wide range of accessories. They are sliding dividers, adjustable dividers, bin fronts, lockable doors, metal containers, small parts bins, label holders, etc.

Why RUT Shelving Is So Versatile

RUT shelving design, for reasons and examples given above, allows for easy integration with diverse needs and space layout.


  • Each shelf has a load capacity of 100kgs up to 200kgs for industrial shelving designs. Capacity can be increased simply by adding inner shelves or by purchasing add-on bays.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories (dividers, parts bins) for an efficient storage.
  • Compartments may be adjusted and increased with the use of dividers.


  • Rolled edge shelving is inherently strong and durable, making it suitable for light commercial and heavier industrial applications.
  • You can choose between light-duty and medium-duty parts design for your storage needs.

Cost efficiency

  • Bays can be extended, rearranged or moved without knocking down already assembled shelving modules.
  • Simple clip shelf mounting system allows quick reconfiguration of inner shelves


  • Steel shelving bay comes with a wide range of height, width and depth that matches your available area and layout.
  • Shelf height is adjustable in 1-in intervals according to parts size.
  • Shelving bays can be stand-alone or connected; can be single-sided or double-sided. It gives you the freedom to configure bay arrangement according to your available space.


  • Choose from a good selection of durable colors to enhance your store or area setting
  • Its polished look and smooth finish blend well with the modern office environment. Optional metal cover panels add to a clean and attractive look.


  • A wide range of accessories, ranging from dividers, containers, stackable bins, wire hangers, etc., are available, mainly to increase storage efficiency according to your current needs.

How to Assemble RUT Shelving 

A starter bay of rolled upright RUT shelving consists of 2 side panels (upright frames), 1 back panel, a kick plate, top and bottom shelves, inner shelves according to desired number of levels, bolts & nuts, and metal clips.

Functions of the major parts:

  • Side Panels serve as upright frames (and shelving side walls) that hold and support the bay assembly.
  • Back Panels act as solid shelving back to contain goods and to provide extra support. For open systems, back panels are replaced by cross back bracings.
  • Top and bottom Shelves are attached to side panels to help frame the shelving unit.
  • Inner Shelves are similar in construction to top and bottom shelves. Inner shelves increase holding capacity and improve stability of the bay assembly.
  • Kickplates are metal strips that closes the space between the floor and bottom shelf.
  • Metal clips are simple hooks fitted into the side panels and under each shelf. Metal clips quickly lock firmly on both sides of the frame panels without tools. Shelves securely lock onto the clips.
  • Bolts and nuts mainly secure and fasten frame panels and inner shelves.
RUT Shelving Assembly Guide

Steps of assembly:

  • Place the back panel flat on the floor.
  • Slide the rear edge of one side panel under the back panel. Secure side panel to back panel with bolts and nuts using a wrench. Fix bolt/nut at appropriate intervals along the joined edges. Repeat above steps with the other side panel.
  • Attach kickplate to bottom of side panels.
  • Fix bottom shelf to the side panels with bolts and nuts.
  • Lastly, bolt the top shelf front and rear. The initial shelving bay is complete.
  • Set the initial bay upright.
  • Fit the metal clips to the side panels. Fix the inner shelves into position using metal clips, starting from the bottom shelf up.
  • Add-on bays may be attached to the initial bay using a joining strip secured with bolts and nuts.

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