Cantilever racking is an ideal choice for storing long items, for example steel or aluminic profiles material, steel pipes, steel tubes, rebars, wooden boards, etc. It is also used for storing irregular items like car shells. Normally those goods or materials are packed by bundles, then loading and unloading by forklift. Sometimes a special OEM container is designed for storing small items. Then the container will be lifted on to the cantilever.


Safe Storage for Long and Heavy Goods

As to the loading capacity per arm, cantilever racking could be divided to heavy duty and light duty. Loading capacity of heavy duty normally varies from 1000kg per arm to 2500kg per arm. For light duty, it varies from 100kg to 500kg per arm. Components of a cantilever racking include column, base, cantilever, and bracing connect. Cantilever arm could be either single or double sided. Cantilever racking is used for storing long goods. Typical long goods are steel bars, pipes, tubes, wooden boards, steel or aluminic profiles materials.


  • Either Inside or Outside Application Suited
  • Cantilever racking is frequently used outside the warehouse or workshop. Our standard finish is powder coating for inside applications and hot deep galvanizing for outside applications.
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Easy Assembly
  • Flexibly adjusted to goods of different heights

Technical Characteristics Required for Quotation

  • Type of goods stored
  • Single or double sided
  • Height*Width*Length
  • Loading capacity per level/cantilever arm

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