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Unobstructed, Flexible, Heavy-Duty Racking Solution

Cantilever racking is a popular solution for non-uniform and long or bulky materials. It is a free-standing racking system with carrier arms extending out of a single column. There are no vertical posts along the aisle giving more opportunity for horizontal storage. It is one of the strongest and heavy-duty racking solutions on the market. Loading capacity per arm varies from 100 kg to 500 kg for light-duty racking system and from 1000 kg to 2500 kg for heavy-duty configuration.


Cantilever racking is ideal for long loads such as steel pipes, lumber, textile rolls, piping, wooden boards, etc. Normally, these materials are packed by bundles then loaded and unloaded by a forklift. Cantilever racking can also store irregular items like car shells and furniture, or small items placed inside an OEM container which is then lifted onto the cantilever.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy interface. No aisle uprights or columns that can hinder forklift movement. Faster operation and higher productivity.
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor installation. Powder-coated finish for indoor racking or hot, deep galvanizing for outdoor application.
  • Strong and sturdy structure that lasts several years.
  • Easy to assemble and reconfigure.
  • Arms width can be lengthened to hold sheets. Special holders available to store rolled or spooled materials
  • Adjustable arm height to store different sizes of goods. Can store different tube sizes in the same arm with the use of separator pins.
  • Obstruction free. Designed with no beams blocking pick area. Allows fast loading and unloading by
  • Can store products up to 6 meters high.

Common Use and Applications

  • Long loads like tubes, poles, lumber
  • Rolled or spooled materials like carpet and textile
  • Building materials
  • Steel sheets and drywall
  • Tubing and poles
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Outdoor lumber yard
  • Outdoor shipping yard
  • Overflow storage area

Major Parts and Materials

Components of a cantilever racking include upright columns, the cantilever arms, horizontal bases, and bracings. The columns are made from high-strength steel with pre-punched holes on both sides to allow conversion from single-side to double-side loading. Columns support the cantilever arms.

The cantilever arms are bolted to the column only at one end and may be attached on one side or both sides of the column. They are vertically adjustable and can be angled for better handling of the load. A horizontal steel base is welded to the column to keep the structure stable; it also supports any bottom load for added stability. A rigid and factory welded vertical bracing connects and supports the uprights. It is bolted to the column to provide strength and rigidity to the cantilever racking structure. Cantilever racks do not have front posts along the aisle which makes it easier to access inventory.

Interested in a Cantilever Racking?

Feel free to provide us with the following info for a sample quote:

  • Type of goods stored
  • Single or double-sided
  • Height*Width*Length
  • Loading capacity per level/cantilever arm

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