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Bring In Comfort at 90% Less the Energy Costs

High volume low speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fan is a large diameter fan that turns gently but distributes large amounts of air to cool subjects below it, hence the name “high volume, low speed”. It supplies a continuous stream of cool air in a smooth, circular motion without disturbing dust and debris on surrounding areas. HVLS warehouse fans are commonly used in large spaces like workshops, warehouses, distribution centers, auditoriums, open office or factory layout and commercial spaces like shopping malls, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, etc.

Like a soft breeze in summer, a continuous flow of cool, gentle air refreshes people so they enjoy and work in comfort.

HVLS INDUSTRIAL CEILING FAN – Energy-efficient, safe cooling fan

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Compared to traditional ceiling fans or pedestal fans, large high-ceiling fans are slow-turning and silent, cover a large area and so, are more energy-efficient than several traditional fans combined. 1 set of HVLS industrial ceiling fan can do the work of 10-20 traditional fans.

Compared with air conditioning systems, HVSL high-ceiling fans are more energy-efficient and environment-friendly. 1 set of HVSL industrial fan can cover up to 2000 sqm floor area but consumes only 1.5KW per hour on average usage. HVLS fans coupled with air-conditioning systems can cut air-conditioning electricity costs by 25%.

Beat the summer heat without burning your pocket!

Invest in our precision-engineered HVSL high-ceiling, cooling fans!


    Features and Benefits

    • Cost-efficient. Uses less power than similar air conditioning or traditional fans
    • Silent but effectively cools
    • Environment-friendly. It consumes less energy.
    • Uses corrosion-resistant aluminum blade
    • Saves space on the floor as opposed to pedestal fans
    • Fans cool air without stirring dust and debris.
    • Precision engineered for performance efficiency and safety.
    • Keeps the floor dry. Blends air with continuous gentle rotation, preventing mist on floors

    Common Use and Applications

    • Open spaces like open-layout offices and factories
    • High-ceiling work areas like warehouse, workshops, auditoriums
    • Commercial spaces like shopping malls, exhibition halls, sports halls
    • Frequented places where people spend time together like entertainment arenas, cafeterias, museums

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      We design our fan blades to perfection.

      INTOSTORAGE designs and manufactures its industrial HVLS fans. We have a dedicated R&D team focused on breakthrough innovations to blade design. Team members devote themselves to the development of cutting-edge product solutions. Our supply chain includes layout design, manufacture, and after-sale maintenance. Partnering with ABM gives us an edge in this industry.

      With expertise built over the years and a strong R&D foundation, we maintain leadership in our product design and technology. We aim to improve work environments and BE the leader in ventilation and cooling high and large spaces.

      We bring Precision Engineering to you!

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