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A Space-saving, First-In/First-Out, Gravity Flow Storage System

Pallet flow racking is an ideal First-in/First-out (FIFO) storage management system. You get maximum results when the rotation of a single variety, date-sensitive goods is crucial and warehouse space is expensive. Pallet flow racking is equipped with inclined roller rails that help pallets glide from loading to picking end via gravity. When the front pallet removed, the next pallet automatically slides into the picking position.

Gravity racking lets you store more pallets in the same space. You need aisles only at the loading and picking ends of a flow lane – no need for aisles between racks. A gravity racking lane can hold up to 15 pallets deep and uses 60% less space compared to a conventional pallet racking.

How A Pallet Flow Racking Work

Made up of uprights, beams and inclined roller rails, pallets glide from the loading aisle to the picking aisle. Pallets are loaded at the back end with the aid of entry guides. Gravity moves pallets to the front or to the lower end of the system. It stops when it reaches the ramp stop or another pallet in the lane. When a pallet is removed, the next pallet rolls forward to the picking position.

Major Parts and Accessories

A gravity flow rack is made up of upright steel frames connected by horizontal steel beams. Roller rails are placed on top of the beams with gradual inclination. Rails consist of a track and rollers that move pallets smoothly. Brakes will be added to control speed. Stops are placed at the picking end to keep pallets from falling off the flow lane. Optional brakes may be installed for speed control.

Features and Benefits of Pallet Flow Racking

  • FIFO management. Good inventory rotation prevents spoilage and wastage.
  • Space-saving. Get rid of extra aisles between lanes.
  • Fast load and unload. Gives more efficient use of machinery and manpower resources.
  • High-density storage. It can go deep and high, producing value-for-money solid volume storage.

Common Use and Applications

  • Ideal for date-sensitive products such as food and beverage stores
  • Well-suited to cold or freezing storage
  • Grocery and drug distribution facility

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