Pallet flow racking, as know as Gravity Flow Racking, is a FIFO (First in First out) dynamic storage system. It is also a high-density storage solution by canceling aisles between lanes of racks. With gravity flow, the first pallet put on the lane will slide to the other end of rack where would be also the first pallet taken away, which achieves the FIFO retrieval order. As to different site conditions, the flow system could be designed to hold up to 20 pallets deep in a lane to achieve the high-density storage. Pallet flow racking system is well suited for single variety of goods with expiration date. With this gravity flow racking system, you can use up to 60% less space than if you were to use conventional pallet racking.


How Pallet Flow Racking Work

Pallet flow racking is a first-in first-out (FIFO) storage system, the first pallet loaded into a lane will be the first pallet unloaded on the other end of the rack. Full-width pallet rack rollers are set on a slight slope downward from the load end to the unload end. When a pallet is put in the first position of lane, it will roll forward toward the other end by gravity. You just unload it when needed at the picking end.

Speed-control rollers are installed on roller lane by certain distance. It ensures the pallet moves in a safe speed until the unload end. Pallet could be continuously loaded on the lane, and they will accumulate until the lane is full. When a pallet is removed from the unload end, the pallets in behind will roll forward one position and come to rest on the ramp stops at the end of the lane.


  • FIFO – First in first out
  • Ideal for expiry dated materials
  • High-density storage
  • Fast speed of loading and unloading
  • Well suited to cold or freezing storage


How many pallets deep could it be in a channel?

As to our experience, for most of the projects, a pallet flow roller lane holds from 5 to 10 pallets. However, it could be designed to store more pallets per lane if necessary. A maximum pallet deep we suggest is 15 pallets.

How much weight of a pallet could it be?

Pallet weight could be up to 1500kg.

What is the estimated lead time for a gravity racking project?

First of all, our technical engineer and local sales distributor will contact you for a meet. After checking your site, we will design a layout and confirm with you. We will start production as soon as you order and generally it takes about 30 days for production.

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