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Semi-automated, Compact, Efficient Storage

Pallet shuttle racking systems offer compact, efficient and time-saving operation. A pallet shuttle, also known as radio shuttle, is a semi-automatic cart that receives commands from a mobile device. It picks, carries and loads pallets within a racking system without the need for any forklift to enter the picking and unloading bays. A forklift positions a shuttle at the entry point of a racking lane. Via a remote controller, all work inside the racking system is done by the shuttle without the forklift reaching inside the storage lanes. The risk of structural damage from forklift impact is minimal.

A radio shuttle racking system can go deep at low bay clearances without need for inner aisles, giving you 75% increase in storage density compared to a pallet flow racking system. Continuous load-and-unload activity is more efficient with the automatic program menu in the controller system.

A pallet shuttle racking system is ideal for items with a large volume and a high inventory turnover. It is also suitable for low-temperature storage like chemical warehouses, cold rooms, and frozen-food storage. Guarantee safety, enjoy high-density storage, save on time and labor costs with a Pallet Shuttle Racking System.

The shuttle receives commands from a mobile device over a WiFi network. For loading operations, a conventional forklift places the shuttle on the level where materials will be handled. Then the pallet is placed on the shelf at the entry point. The task is launched from the controller and the shuttle picks up and carries the pallet to the deepest empty space in the level. For pallet retrieval, the shuttle picks up the first pallet it finds in the lane and takes it to the exit point. A forklift lifts the pallet off the shuttle and the process is repeated. Continuous pick & place tasks can also be pre-programmed for a more efficient process. Collision sensors and emergency stops ensure safe shuttle operation. Lithium batteries power the carts for long hours of uninterrupted activity.

Major Parts and Materials

The pallet racking system or radio shuttle racking system is a shelving structure with 1 or more motorized carts (shuttles) controlled over a WiFi network from a mobile device. For safety, the shuttle is equipped with an emergency stop button and collision sensors. It is powered by a lithium battery for long hours of uninterrupted operation.

Features & Benefits of a Pallet Shuttle Racking System

  • High-density storage. There are no aisles inside the racking system and only a limited bay height, maximizing storage space.
  • Saves space. Shuttle proximity sensors minimize empty spaces between pallets increasing available space, especially in a deep lane.
  • Lower labor costs. Shuttles move pallets independently, without need for a forklift to inside the bays.
  • Shuttles move at 72 m/min when empty and 36 m/min when loaded. With a single command, the pallet shuttle can fill or empty a whole lane.
  • Supports FIFO and LIFO inventory management.

Common Use and Applications

  • High-volume materials with intensive loading and unloading activity
  • Ideal for low-temperature warehouses where employee exposure should be minimal





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