Pallet shuttle, also called radio shuttle, is a semi-automatic product which is designed for high density storage system. Different with drive in racking system, the forklift operator loads and unloads pallets without having to access the racking aisle. It saves much time and reduce much risk of rack damage which is caused by forklift impact. Continuously loading or unloading pallets become easier under the automatic working process which could be pre-setting in the configuration. A pallet shuttle racking system is particular suitable in tough storage places like cold storage, chemical products warehouse, frozen-food warehouse, etc.

How It Works

The pallet shuttle follows orders sent by a Wi-Fi-connected remote control. No matter you want to load or unload a pallet, firstly, operate the remote control, and give a command to the shuttle. The shuttle will start work as to your command. Then, you put the pallet on the shuttle or unload a pallet by forklift. Same process continues until the command is completed.

Advantages of a Pallet Shuttle Racking System

Save Space

  • There is no aisle among lanes of racks. And clearance between two levels is the minimum.
  • In a long storage lane, the pallet shuttle is positioned by sensors, which eliminates empty space between two pallets and allows more pallets storage in the lane.

It is definitely a high-density storage which makes the biggest use of the space of the warehouse.

Save Time

By operating the remote control, the pallet shuttle will move pallets automatically. Forklift operator doesn’t need to drive into the lane, just load and unload at the end of the lane. Movement speed of the shuttle is 72m/min when empty and 36m/min when loaded. Give a single command to the pallet shuttle, it can fill or empty a whole lane.

When Should You Choose It

When you have a high volume of pallets per item and intensive loading and unloading activity

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