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An Economical Way to Expand Space for Manual Storage

You’ll want to consider a warehouse mezzanine when you’ve run out of warehouse space and still have enough vertical space to work with. A mezzanine is an intermediate platform between the floor and ceiling. It can help double or triple storage spaces within the same area. A warehouse mezzanine creates ample space while still allowing the use of the space below it; a cost-effective solution without spending on expensive construction or relocation.

A mezzanine racking system is a semi-permanent structure supported by modules of pallet racking or longspan shelving. You can choose from 3 configuration types: light, heavy and racking-supported mezzanine system. The typical loading capacity ranges from 500 kg to 2000 kg per SQM.

The mezzanine racking system can be easily expanded, modified or moved as your business need changes. It is a space-saving, economical and flexible solution to your manual storage needs.

Features and Benefits of Warehouse Mezzanine

  • Cost-effective. Creating a new semi-permanent space without reconstruction or relocation.
  • Flexible and reusable. It can be taken down and reshaped, expanded or relocated.
  • Easy to assemble, install, disassemble or modify
  • Can integrate office space, workbench, and lighting inside the system
  • Can be fully integrated with other racking systems to do storing, picking and transport.

Common use and applications

  • Facilities with large airspace (warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility)
  • Archive and record storage systems
  • Spare parts storage
  • Kitting room
  • Return goods

Major Parts and Materials


A rack-supported mezzanine racking system includes the following:

  • Pallet racking as support
  • Steel shelves
  • Staircase, Guard rails and safety gate
  • Warehouse mezzanine flooring. You can choose from a variety of flooring materials g. chipboard, steel, perforated steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel grating, etc. This decking is placed between the racks and locked by safety clips, resulting in a secure and strong connection between the floorboards and support.

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