Wide span shelving, also known as long span shelving, is the most popular among all types of industrial shelving. Compared with pallet rack and conventional shelving, wide span shelving fills the gap. It is designed for hand-loaded and person-to-goods picking system where widely used in warehouse or workshop to store carton or plastic box packed goods. As a metal storage rack, wide span industrial shelving could bear maximum 500kg per level which meets nearly all storage requirements by manual handling. Besides warehouse and workshop, it also could be used in garage, garden and other places for home or office depot.


Components of a Wide Span/Long Span Shelving System

A wide span shelving includes three basic components: upright frame, beam and decking. Besides those basic components, there are other accessories for different usage.


  • Height of shelves free adjustable by 50mm pitch
  • Bottom level could be on the floor
  • Stable structure bearing 500kg per level without cross bracing
  • Optional welded or disassembled upright frame
  • Multiple accessories

Easy & Quick Assembly

Bracings of the upright frame could be welded. It saves a lot of time on fixing bolts and nuts when you assemble a wide span shelving. Hang beams on the posts, put decks on beams, it’s so easy that you can assemble it anytime when you want to use it. No matter a single bay, or a multi-level picking system, long span shelving can be quick assembled.

Optional Wood & Steel Deck

You have multiple choices on decks for a wide span shelving. Wooden deck and steel deck are the top two popular. As a loading shelf, there is no essential difference in function. While in the use, steel shelf could load more weight than wooden shelf. A steel deck normally is 30mm in height, and a wooden deck is 18mm in thick. Choosing wood or steel depends on the package of goods, working environment, ways of picking, etc.

Multiple Uses

  • Hand-loaded storage, like carton, plastic box, or in bulk
  • Person-to-goods picking
  • Mezzanine floor
  • Workbench

Mezzanine floor made by wide span shelving

Workbench made by wide span shelving

Whether wide span shelving could load pallets?

As a person-to-goods picking system, pallet storage in principle is not suited to wide span shelving. But if the goods on pallet is very light, less weight than the load capacity which beams bear, you could put it on wide span shelving. Before you do it, read the following essential points.

  • Don’t use forklifts to load pallets. Use hand stacker instead. And make sure you have enough aisle width to operate the stacker.
  • Make sure all beams are locked by safety pins.
  • Use pallet support or wire mesh deck across beams.
  • Make sure total weight of goods doesn’t exceed the beam capacity.
  • Pallets should overhand both beams.
  • Uprights must be anchored to the floor.

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