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The Sturdy, All-Around, Versatile Manual Storage Rack

Wide span shelving is hybrid storage for goods that are too small for pallet racks, yet too big for conventional shelving. It is ideal for hand-loaded, non-palletized loads. Take note though that it cannot be machine-loaded.

Also known as long span shelving, this wide span storage rack is a great choice among businesses. It provides large shelf openings with adjustable levels for practical storage. With its wide, long span racking and adjustable feature, it is the most efficient choice to store heavy, bulky and irregular items that do not fit standard shelving. More affordable than a pallet racking, this is the most cost-effective choice for this type of storage.


Features and Benefits

Easy and quick assembly – Wide span industrial shelving is easy to assemble and can be installed, assembled, disassembled and transferred to just about anywhere. It has a minimal number of components that easily snap together with little or no tools and no hardware.

Rugged and Strong – Wide span metal shelving uses an all-metal construction for rigidity. With the option to use steel layers (or decking), this type of long-span racking can carry up to 500kg of load per layer, which meets nearly all kinds of manual storage requirements. Several modules of wide span storage racks can also act as support structures to form a mezzanine level, thus maximizing the height of your warehouse or storage area.

longspan shelving as mezzanine

Adjustable – Wide span storage racks are supplied with freely adjustable layers in 50-mm pitch adjustments to accommodate any height of goods. The bottom layer can be shifted low enough to level with the floor if you want to maximize space further.

Versatile – Long span shelving is easy to adjust and expand the following market changes.
As a wide span shelving supplier and maker in China, we offer multiple choices for major components and accessories and produce a custom design for your special application– wood, steel or wire decking, welded or assembled upright beams, etc.

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    Common Use and Applications

    Wide span shelving is commonly used for medium to heavy goods, which are manually placed or removed. It is ideal for wide, deep, tall and irregular-shaped materials, whether in bulk or by piece (e.g., carton box, plastic containers, tires, office supplies). It’s widely used in warehouses, backroom and storage, factory floors and supply depot. It is also useful and convenient in the garage, garden, home, workshop – and even as a workbench! (Note: It is not intended for machine loading like forklifts.)

    Major Parts and Materials

    Wide span industrial shelving has 3 major parts – upright frames, horizontal beams, decking (or shelf layer).

    components of wide span shelving

    Upright Frame – These are vertical steel posts made of heavy gauge steel on each corner of the shelving. Frames are punched with slotted holes that receive a beam’s hook and lock mechanism and allow adjustment of each shelving level.

    Beam – These are rigid, horizontal steel supports that help create the shelving levels. Each level comes with a set of front and rear beams which hold decking material in place. Beams are secured to the upright frames with locks to prevent accidental dislodging.

    Decking or shelf layer– This is the horizontal, plane surface on which goods are placed. The decking is positioned between the front and rear beams and rests on top of the beams. The decking material helps transfer the load weight to the beams onto the upright frames. You can choose among different decking materials, like wood, solid steel, flat wire, ribbed steel, etc., with wood and steel decking being the two most popular choices. Steel and wood decking is good for smooth, uninterrupted storage surfaces with steel decking having a slightly better load-carrying capacity. Wire decking is the best choice when air circulation and light penetration is needed.

    Shelving comes in different depth, width, and height. The weight-bearing capacity of any wide span shelving depends on the type of upright frame, beam and shelf material you choose.

    So, if you are looking for manual shelving for your medium to heavy loads, contact us now.

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