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Extra Support for your Pallet Racking

A wire mesh decking consists of a wire mesh and channel supports welded under it. Usually, wire mesh decking is designed to fall over the beam’s edge so that it grabs the beam securely and prevent deck slippage. The popular flared channel (usually 3pcs/mesh) fits almost every type of beam, including step beams. The wire deck rests on the beam and the mesh channel supports run across opposite beams to help distribute pallet weight to the beams.

When going for conventional pallet racking, you might want to have extra pallet support for your racks. The horizontal beams may be able to hold pallets but having extra support is recommended. Wire mesh decking is easy to install. You just drop it over the beams, and it creates a shelf. It adds rigidity and prevents pallets from bending. It fits almost all types of pallet racks using custom structures under the deck. Wire decks are preferred over flat steel decks when it comes to fire regulation compliance.

The wire grid improves ventilation inside your warehouse. It allows light to pass and reach lower decks. With brighter lighting, picking efficiency is improved and accidents are prevented. Wire decking is maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant, making it the best option to augment your pallet racking.

Features & Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking

  • Easy to install. Simply drop into place on beams.
  • Can hold palletized and non-palletized items
  • Low maintenance. It does not collect dust and debris.
  • Different designs are available to match various beam types.
  • Welded steel construction. High load-bearing capacity.
  • Preferred material for fire safety. Increases the effectiveness of overhead sprinklers to reach lower decks.
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant. Electro-galvanized (outdoor) | Powder-coated (indoor).
  • The mesh design allows proper air circulation for a brighter room
  • Prevents dust build-up requiring less maintenance

Common Use and Applications

  • Suitable for all pallet rack applications including cold storage.
  • When you need to store smaller items without having to use a pallet.
  • Storage of loose goods, boxed goods, and other smaller items.

Major Parts and Materials

We make the custom design for channel supports to fit different beam types.

Flared Channel on Non-step Beam

U Channel on Step Beam

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