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Stackable, Space-saving, Folding Wire Mesh Container

Wire mesh storage cages are ideal for boxes, loose parts and bulky products requiring safe and visible storage. Its mesh design allows a quick check of inventory levels from a distance. They stack up safely without the need for conventional racking.

Folding wire mesh containers are easy to ship and store. When empty, it folds flat to only ¼ of its original volume. Folded cages are nestable, further saving you both space and shipping costs. Set up or folding is a breeze – it only takes seconds by hand.


A wire mesh container is both a collapsible and stackable wire basket, used to secure and ship bulky cargo, metal parts, and high-density components. These are durable and strong. Depends on size, a wire mesh storage cage can handle up to 4,000 lbs and can be stacked up to 4 levels high – this is equivalent to 3 more truckloads of freight.

Stackable cages are flexible and can be moved anywhere. Stacking feet allows entry of forklift or pallet truck for fast loading/unloading. You can take advantage of vertical storage and economize on warehouse space, especially if you are renting.

wire mesh storage cage stacked to 3 levels

We offer various sizes of strong and durable wire mesh containers to meet your special storing needs.

We also customize to your preferred configuration and size.


    Features and Benefits

    • Space-saving. Stackable up to 4 levels without conventional racking. Foldable and nestable when not in use freeing up 25% more space for your products.
    • Cost-saving. Saves on return freight cost due to collapsible configuration
    • The open mesh design allows quick content identification and inventory inspection from a distance.
    • Strong construction and corrosion-resistant finish.
    • Easily folded or assembled and can be moved anywhere. Can be used in normal storage condition or inside cold storage or freezer.
    • Easy transport. Stacking feet allows pallet truck entry for easy loading/ unloading.
    • Good ROI. Galvanized wire finish is strong and durable and can last more years compared to pallet storage or plastic containers.

    stackable pallet cage folded wire mesh storage cage

    Common Use and Applications

    Collapsible wire mesh containers are suitable for storing boxes, bulky supplies and compact, heavy parts in:

    • Warehouses
    • Shopping Malls
    • Supermarkets
    • Workshops
    • Factories
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Assembly lines
    • Retail shops

    Major Parts and Materials

    A wire mesh storage cage, also known as a pallet cage, consists of a base plate foundation and a mesh container. The folding wire container is a strong, welded wire mesh structure, fully galvanized and corrosion-resistant. It is composed of folding front wall, side walls and back wall which attach to bottom channel grooves on the base plate. Access to contents is through the front drop gate secured with latches. The base plate is attached with stacking feet and optional forklift sleeves (for quick load/unload) or casters (for movability), depending on your preference.

    stacking feet

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